I haven't updated this website in ages! I've watched SO MUCH Dimension 20 since my last entry - Fantasy High all 3 seasons (the most recent season is coming out weekly right now!) and Starstruck Odyssey. For those who don't know, D20 is a DnD show - I'm thinking of making a fan page here so I won't go into too much detail in this journal but you should look it up if you like dnd.

Also it's summer here and I keep seeing butterflies around! It's lovely. I saw a common crow chrysalis yesterday and they are beautiful - shiny silver metallic with pretty patterns on them. I'm going to keep checking on it to see when it emerges.

I've also started a crochet business with a friend! I have so many plans to embroider and crochet and linoprint whimsical accessories so I'm very excited, even if I have low expectations for selling stuff. If you like the vibes of my website you might like the stuff we make? here's the insta :)


I'm learning about the RPG called Wanderhome and it is so intriguing and sweet and I'm really looking forward to playing it with some friends. I'm used to dnd, but this is more collaboratively making up a story together, like kid's makeup games. The playbook reads so beautifully, with so many story hooks and references to folklore and small gods and seasonal rituals, and the emotional bonds of personal growth, and trusting others, and finding where you belong! Beyond the lovely worldbuilding possibilities, the mechanics are fascinating because they're so simple - as someone used to DnD, its very different and also very compelling (and a little intimidating). I'm very excited to play it.


I'm having so much fun making a book for a friend's birthday - I'm designing the cover inspired by the circle of the moon druid they play in our dnd campaign and embroidering it onto some fabric i coloured in using pencils. I'm going to add some bookbinding resources to my crafts section when I have time. It's really rewarding and surprisingly simple!


now my room stinks of beetroot, and I'm considering what to print - I was planning to print some images on transparencies and develop them but the printing will take a week and the anthotypes take a week or more to expose so I don't have time. I'm thinking I could draw onto plastic with sharpies, and also use some necklaces, feathers, weeds.


the 17th again! coincidence. they should make a perfume that smells like night rain. I've been researching anthotypes and I'm gonna make some for my art final - they're cheap and ephemeral and interesting... you can make them with spinach or raspberries or tumeric or beetroot or any pigment if you are willing to experiment. also, i want to rework this site a bit but i simply have no time right now! hopefully in a few weeks. wow this was scattered


I love If you're looking for more inspiration I recommend that you look up "websites" on and then simply explore!