about me

my name is willow (I wonder if you guessed?) and I like crafts, puzzles + riddles, and gardening. so you'll likely see these things on my website! I'm adding more each day so check back in a week for more. yes I am learning html and css from scratch. yes this page looks simple right now. but I am committed!

site plans

  1. create a beautiful layout - in progress! 1/2/23
  2. make a salixx button
  3. add a craft section with techniques and inspiration and some of my work
  4. add a gardening section
  5. digitise my choose-your-own-adventure cat zine
  6. add a secret hidden aspect to the site that puzzlers can find
  7. update regularly! learn more code!

in the meantime, check out my tumblr


made a (hopefully) responsive layout, wrote up my home and links page